The Black Crabs Clear Gif

The Black Crabs Clear Gif
Johnny 7: guitar, steel, vocals

Wesley Amundsen: doghouse bass

Mike Daugherty: drums, vocals

Johnny 7 and the Black Crabs is a rock'n'roll trio from Seattle. Formed as a backing band for Rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson, The Black Crabs only intended to be together for a short time. But with the success of touring with Wanda and Johnny's deep love of wild 50s rock'n'roll, rockabilly, and vintage jazz, The Black Crabs just couldn't stop.

Drawing heavily from their background in Ameripolitan Music- Rockabilly, Honky-Tonk, and Hillbilly Swing, the trio performs upbeat music full of harmonies, quirky turns, and danceable beats. While they may slip in an obscure cover with an authentic feel, they also mix in rich doses of Garage, Surf and Western Swing to their originals. Writing the songs, crooning and handling guitar and steel duties, Johnny 7 is the heart and soul of The Black Crabs.

Mike Daugherty brings energy and his excitement of vintage music to the trio with his unique style. Having played everything from Dixieland, Swing, Jazz to Rock'n'Roll and Punk Rock, Mike is the right man for the job!

Wesley Amundsen may be the quiet one, but don't let that fool you - he is a monster on the bass. Slapping the strings from anywhere between solid percision to reckless abandon, he always holds down the bottom end of the Black Crabs sound.

Shake It Loose - Johnny7 and the Black Crabs' third full-length release droppped in November 2017, featuring ten new songs all written by Johnny. The Black Crabs released their first full-length album, The Black Crabs Blast Off!, at the 2005 Shake the Shack Rockabilly Ball. 13 Times came out hot after a European Tour that included The Summer Jamboree in Italy in 2008. The band plays over a hundred gigs a year and can be easily found throughout the Northwest or on tour. 2019 has new recording are in the works, deep in the dungeons of Cleopatra Studios. Keep your ears open! Catch them soon at Viva Las Vegas in April.

Booking: 206.255.9301 | booking@theblackcrabs dot com

The Black Crabs Clear Gif