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The Black Crabs Clear Gif

The Black Crabs Clear Gif

The Black Crabs Clear Gif


The Black Crabs Clear Gif "Richard Taylor, a delightfully folksy DJ from Maryland, spins his favorite unsigned roots-rock bands on this weekly podcast show. This one features fourteen obscure tracks, the highlights of which are "Pain," by Julian -- who sounds like Nashville's version of Fiona Apple -- and the jangly rockabilly instrumental "Cats Pajamas," by the Black Crabs. Worth checking out if you're an Americana fan looking for new music."

Andy Green, Rolling Stone
April 2006
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The Black Crabs Blast Off! selected as one of the Top 10 Rockabilly CDs of 2005

Dr. Leon Berman
Shake The Shack, 90.3 KEXP
January 3, 2006

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"The whole album is played with a positive "don't look back" attitude (very nice production work) which is a good way to take a fifty year old musical tradition into the new century."

Frederick Turgis, Jumpin' from Six to Six
December, 2005
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"Musically, the trio aren't fooling aroundÑJohnny and Kirsten have a knack for playful vocal harmonies (she sings the low parts, he goes high), while Stuart proclaims Forster "the best rockabilly roots drummer around these parts...."

Kurt B. Reighley, The Stranger
November 3, 2005

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"The Black Crabs might not sound like something you'd want to catch - especially after we add that they'll make you feel like you have ants in your pants - but trust us, the Seattle rockabilly ensemble with the prickly moniker are worth checking out at Highway 99 Blues Club on Tuesday, August 23. Featuring guitarist Jonathan Stuart, drummer Tom Forster and former Donettes slap bassist par excellence Kirsten Ballweg, the trio are still working on their premiere album, but in the meanwhile, a few lean and lively songs are available to sample on their website..."

Kurt B. Reighley, The Stranger
August 18, 2005

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"Jonathan Stuart (g, vo), Kirsten Ballweg (b, vo) and Tom Forster (dr, vo) are the Black Crabs that rock hard to take you to the whole new rockabilly world."


The Black Crabs Clear Gif

The Black Crabs Clear Gif



"Bacchus Cafe Geel is one of those small rock & roll pubs with a tiny stage in the back and a pleasant atmosphere. Juiceman (Peter Claes) is the owner of the place. Each first Thursday of the month he has a good rockabilly/hillbilly/blues band in his bar. Al and the Black Cats are almost the homeband, the crowd loves them. But tonight, we had The Black Crabs on stage, all the way from Seattle. And damn they were good."

MW, Hepcat Magazine, September 2007
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"...after a few spins I must say [Blast Off!] is a very refreshing and happy CD, very well capable of turning a dark hearted mood into a sunny one....Kirsten is swinging and slapping that bass like an old rockabilly pro, the guitar tracks are refreshing, and the drums stable as a breaker in the sea. The vocals are sounding crystal clear (as is the entire production), and the lyrics are funny, exclammation mark. I'd say, leave out the cover songs and write all the lyrics yourselves next time guys, and girl of

Uncle B, BlackCat Rockabilly Europe, rockabilly.nl
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Johnny7 and the Black Crabs